10 Reasons to start swimming

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  1. Swimming burns fat and calories. If you spend at least 30-40 minutes in the pool for a day, you can achieve weight loss in a very short time.
  2. Swimming can burn the same amount of calories as hiking or aerobics.
  3. Swimming can easily help you gain muscles. It is useful not only because it has a positive effect on certain muscle groups, but as a whole develops muscles.
  4. Swimming relieves stress and calms the nervous system.
  5. Almost everyone can swim. If a child is taught from birth to water exercises, in future he will be healthy and physically stronger.
  6. Swimming reduces the risk of heart disease. By visiting the pool regularly, you can increase your body’s endurance.
  7. Not a secret that water exercises help to normalize blood pressure and improve blood circulation.
  8. As an option there is no pain after swimming, as after running or jumping. During swimming, the lungs develop and the respiratory system improves.
  9. Water is able to cool the body, prevent overheating during swimming, and also relieve the feeling of sweating.
  10. Many people perceive swimming as a pleasure. Sometimes it is much easier to force yourself to go to the pool than to go for a run or the gym, especially on a hot summer day..

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