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Do you really need to run?

Some aspiring runners are baffled by the question: how will running affect their male health? It’s no secret that long-distance running is so exhausting the body that it may be “not up to sex.” Experienced marathon runners argue – not to sexual pleasures only in the first two hours after the race, but then, supposedly, compensation is turned on: if testosterone was at a normal level before running, then after running a few hours it returns to the same level or even rises… Curious, isn’t it?

However, here’s what scientists say

A number of studies have been conducted that have confirmed that men after races are not the best lovers! For example, the European Research Institute INSEAD, in France, studied standard ways of regulating testosterone levels. It turned out that long runs and marathon distances seriously affect the level of the male sex hormone. Scientists made an experiment in which twenty athletic men participated, who covered 42 kilometers. Before and after the race, doctors performed control blood sampling  for analysis. It was the testosterone level that was determined and the result was disappointing. After the end of the race, testosterone levels were about 50% lower than the original level. At the same time, all volunteers confirmed that they do not have any health problems, they are active sports fans and overcome many kilometers of distance quite often.

Swiss scientists have come to the conclusion that even jogging that lasts longer than 45 minutes harms potency. According to their data, based on analyzes of men, regardless of the age of the runners, after 45 minutes of running, their cortisol levels increased and testosterone levels decreased. As a result, the likelihood of developing any disease and the occurrence of problems in the psychological and sexual spheres in men who run about 60 minutes daily increases several times. Swiss scientists recommended that fans of long jogging replace it with short sprint distances. It is the sprint, in their opinion, that increases the level of testosterone in the blood in men and promotes quick and short-term stimulation of the prostate gland, which has a beneficial effect on potency.

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