29/71 Pure Carbon Blades Blue/Purple

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29/71 Carbon Blades Purple are made from Carbon Fibre produced in Germany and Japan. The blades are made with Resin Infusion. This method prevents extra glue from building up in the fibres, resulting in the lightest blades possible. During manufacture, the blades are kept under a continuous vacuum for 30 hours, which allows the fibres to be packed closer together, resulting in better mechanical and structural performance. Because the fibres are squeezed first, then resin is applied, Resin infusion is significantly superior to the old method of Wet Lay up and then applying pressure, because the fibres are compressed first, then resin is added, giving immeasurably greater mechanical performance.

In the blade, there are 9 layers of varied weights and fiber directions that are arranged in specific sections, giving the blade a variable flex that we consider perfect for lengthy ascents without causing undesired tiredness in the freediver’s legs.
The variable flex is a design that 29/71 pioneered to allow the blades to remain supple when finning with little effort, but stiffen up when you exert more force into the blade to come from extreme depths or need a lot of power. We provide four different Flex choices for the blades: Medium, Soft, Super-Soft, and Ultra-Soft. These flexes are intended to complement various kicking patterns and do not correspond to a diver’s weight.

Soft: Is Stiffest Blade. Suited for divers with a strong kick or a shorter powerful kick amplitude.

Super-Soft: Is Mid Stifness Blade. Suited for divers with a strong kick but with wider amplitude in their kick.

Ultra-Soft: Is softest stiffness Blade. Suited for divers with their leg strength is not strong or with a very slow and wide kick amplitude.

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Weight 1.5 kg

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0 – Soft, 1- Super-Soft, 2- Ultra-Soft

Footpocket Compatibility

Cetma Composite S-Wing footpockets, Pathos footpockets

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29/71 Pure Carbon Blades Blue/Purple

 329.99 349.99 (-6%)

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