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High-quality Mantra carbon blades from the lab, including Cetma Composites’ groundbreaking Dynamic Resonance System, which was created and tested in partnership with freediving world champion Michele Giurgola, whose signature is included on the blades.

The Mantra blades are tuned to particular natural frequencies, allowing them to resonate with each kick and provide insanely efficient energy conversion with zero effort.

The Mantra blades include a 33-degree improved blade angle for better surface swimming and variable blade rigidity (3-D Design) that increases energy conversion and propulsion efficiency, providing unrivaled power and performance to the freediver. Underwater, blade rails with variable widths provide greater stability and control.

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Weight 2.6 kg

0 (Super-Soft), 1 (Soft), 2 (Medium)

Fins Color

Blue, Cyan / White, Gold, Magenta, White

Footpockets Compatibility

Cetma Composites S-Wing Footpockets, Mares Razor Footpockets, Pathos Footpockets

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