Dryland training cords Soft-Medium

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ProSwim dryland training cords designed with durable rubber tubes and plastic paddles. Established to train swimming movements on the surface to improve athlete’s strength and technique.
ProSwim’s cords have different resistance levels making them appropriate for swimmers of all ages and abilities.

How to use ProSwim dryland training cords

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Weight 1.2 kg
Resistance level

Silver (3-8 lb/1.3-3.6kg), Yellow (5-14 lb/2.2-6.3kg), Green (8-24 lb/3.6-10.8kg), Red (12-31 lb/5.4-14.1kg), Blue (14-34 lb/6.3-15.4kg)



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Dryland training cords Soft-Medium

 39.99 45.99 (-13%)

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