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Lifesaving Carbon fins is a carbon variation of WaterWay’s lifesaving fins. Fins come with composite carbon-fiber blades.

WaterWay Lifesaving Carbon fins come with pure carbon-fiberglass blades. The blades are designed and pressed with high pressure machines making them even more durable, stronger, and responsive. Available width is: 22cm; 23cm; 24cm; 25cm. The Carbon blades comparing to the fiberglass provide higher power being more reactive in the water.


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Weight 1.9 kg

XS / EU 35-36 / US 3-4.5, S / EU 37-38 / US 5-6, M / EU 39-40 / US 7-8, L / EU 41-42 / US 8-8.5, XL / EU 43-44 / US 9-10.5, XXL / EU 45-46 / US 11-11.5, XXXL/47-48/ US 12-12.5


Soft, Medium, Hard, Extra-Hard

Blades' Width

22cm, 23cm, 24cm, 25cm


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Lifesaving Carbon fins


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