Ultrafins Performance Carbon No Wings Edition


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Ultrafins Carbon performance from UltraFins manufacturing have revolutionary cast rubber foot pockets designed by professionals at Ultrafins manufacturing that enable optimal grip of the freedivers/spearfishers feet and the best possible energy transfer. The footpockets are made base on athletes’ personal preferences considering length, width of the feet.

The high quality carbon blades provide better stability in the water and help to maintain the best kick.
The Ultrafins Carbon performance come with high-quality carbon blades that guarantee to supply freediver with consistent thrust and unmatched power for over 2000km. Blades’ length-80cm

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EU 35/ US 4 /230mm, EU 36/US 4.5 /235mm, EU 37/US 5 /240mm, EU 38/US 6 /245mm, EU 39/US 7/250mm, EU 40 /US 7.5/255mm), EU 41/US 8/260mm, EU 42/US 8.5 /265mm, EU 43/US 9 /270mm, EU 44/US 10/275mm, EU 45/US 11/ 280mm, EU 46/US 12/285mm, EU 47/US 13/290mm, EU 48/US 14/295mm, EU 50/US 15/300mm

Foot Width

80mm, 85mm, 90mm, 100mm, 105mm, 110mm, 115mm, 120mm


Stiffness 1 (Extra Soft), Stiffness 2 (Soft), Stiffness 3 (Medium-Soft), Stiffness 4 (Medium), Stiffness 5 (Hard)

Blade Width

20cm/ 7,8 inch, 22cm/ 8,6 inch

Footpockets Color

White, Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, Beige, Violet

Edges' Color

Black, Blue, Yellow, Red, White


Improve PB, Swim for fun

Blade Color

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Ultrafins Performance Carbon No Wings Edition


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